About Travels For You (HAT)

Travels For You (HAT) is an independent Dutch travel organization with a personal touch. We are specialized in the organisation of cycling holidays and barge cruises in Europe. From 1990 on the company started with the name Holland Aqua Tours and became HAT Tours later on. Travels For You (HAT) offer our international clientele a wide choice in attractive, interesting and small-scale holidays. All package holidays are up to 30 participants maximum. Therefore everyone feels at ease and will be able to fully enjoy his or her holiday.

Cycling Holidays

In the field of `Individual Cycling Holidays` at HAT Tours one can choose from 2 types: `Cycling & Sailing Holidays` or `Cycling & Hotel Holidays`.

Please join one of our individual cycling holidays with your partner, your relatives, your friends or on your own:
•    Cycling & sailing holidays (also known as bike & barge holidays): guided tours with a stay aboard on an attractive and pleasant hotel barge or
•    Cycling & hotel holidays: pedalling from one hotel to another with the help of a detailed map and an information package. These tours are non-guided.


If you’d like to make a trip with your group of friends, students, relatives or colleagues, We are specialized in the organisation of cycling holidays and barge cruises in Europe. From 1990 on the company started with the name Holland Aqua Tours and became HAT Tours later on. Travels For You (HAT) offer our international clientele a wide choice in attractive, interesting and small-scale holidays. All package holidays are up to 30 participants maximum. Therefore everyone feels at ease and will be able to fully enjoy his or her holiday. Travels For You (HAT) helps you to charter your own hotel barge and compose your own tailor-made group travel .

Barge Ave Maria

Cycling and Sailing Holidays

If you choose for one of our Cycling & Sailing Holidays you will stay aboard one of our hotel barges where you’ll be welcomed by the crew. This ship serves as your restaurant, your luggage transport as well as your stay for the night. Upon arrival you will be welcomed aboard by our multilingual tour leader. Our multilingual tour leader will accompany you during all daily bike trips.
During the day, while you are enjoying your bike ride, the hotel barge will sail to the next port town with your luggage safely aboard.

In Holland, or even better: the Netherlands, all cycling and sailing tours start and end in Amsterdam. These cycle tours are often thematic: tulips and flowers during spring time, castles and walled towns, port towns and fishing villages along the IJssel Lake or family specials.
 Our cycling tours to Belgium one week depart from Amsterdam, the next from Belgium.
During all our cycling holidays in France you will stay aboard a barge. You discover the French countryside, attractive provincial towns or even Paris, the City of Light. You may enjoy delicious French wines like Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé or the Burgundy wines from the Cote d’Or region near Beaune.

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Taste of Burgundy, Burgund Erfahren, Het Bourgondische Leven, Chalon-sur-Saône

Fred van Leeuwen

Cycling and Hotel Holidays

Those who like to pedal on their own may enjoy one of our bike & hotel holidays. You cycle with the help of maps, a road book and an information pack from one hotel to the other. We take care of your luggage transport, thus making your cycle trip as ‘light’ as possible. The hotels we selected are mostly located in the countryside or in small towns.

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Bike Fahrrad Fiets

Fred van Leeuwen


It is a great idea to choose a sailing boatel as an accommodation for your group travel! The barge you charter is your means of transport, your restaurant as well as your place for the night. If you are planning a short or longer group trip, Hat Tours gladly provides you with lots of ideas for an unforgettable tour.

HAT Tours charters: what it’s all about

We offer your group the unique opportunity to rent one of our hotel ship for a weekend, midweek or week. For example, a group may consist of the employees of a company, family, friends, a sports club or school class. It’s possible to book for instance a city break, a bike & barge holiday or a beer cruise. It also offers you a lot of advantages: your hotel room travels with you from town to town, which saves you time, effort and money. Around 25 boatels with crew, varying in size and price, are ready to transport your family, class or firm along the waterways. Our hotel barges have proven to be the ideal hotel accommodation for seminars or meetings in and around Amsterdam. HAT Tours is there to help you choose the right ship for your group.

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Salon Barge Amsterdam

Other options

In recent years several river barges have especially been equipped for small groups (between 8 and 12 passengers). To provide the customer with the best service these ships offer more space per person and they often have a comfortable, authentic interior. On these intimate ships you feel truly at home with a small group. Again, the offer ranges from plain to luxurious. Ask for the different possibilities!

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Salon 2 Barge Zebra

Who is Who at HAT Tours?

My name is André. In 1990 I founded this nice family company together with my brother Peter. First we organized Charters for groups only and later we started to operate our own Cycling Holidays.

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By now HAT Tours has become one of the leading players in the field of Bike and Barge Holidays in Europe.

It is my goal to make HAT Tours create a personal and small-scale atmosphere. In that way I hope that all clients who we welcome on our barges and our cycling tours will experience a hospitable and special holiday.
For many years ‘my’ vacation spot is beautiful Greece. I feel much at ease there because the Greeks always welcome me in their very hospitable way. Hopping from one stunning Greek island to another makes me very happy. Wandering around by way of camping on the French countryside is also a favorite!

I sincerely hope that travelling with HAT Tours will bring you a lot of fun!

Holiday greetings from

André de Lange,
managing director

Hi Everone!
My name is Miranda. I’m working for HAT Tours since 2005 after I finished my Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management.

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I’m in charge of the Reservations Department for all Cycling Holidays. Furthermore I’m responsible for the tour leaders, client services, making the new website in WordPress and a lot more.

Travelling the world and meeting other cultures is ‘my thing’. When I’m on the road, I’d like to take pictures of al the interesting people and the sights I see. Besides visiting several European destinations like Italy and Greece, I’m fond of the overseas cultures. I really enjoyed China, Indonesia, Middle America and Thailand.

I really love to meet our cycling guests when they arrive in Amsterdam at the mooring places of the barges. Maybe I’ll meet you there in the near future!

Miranda Grommé

My name is Annemiek.I was born and raised in Amsterdam.After high school I entered the retail and after various jobs.I have made the switch to tourism.The sector where I still find the pleasure in!

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I am a mother of two sons,Justin and Tycho.
In my spare time I like to make trips and I do fun things with my boys.

Since April 2002 I am responsible for the Charters / Group Travels at HAT Tours.
Our company motto: ‘Keep Calm and Funny’ always helps me and my colleagues through the hectic of the high season.With a group travel there are many different possibilities. The ships can be booked for a weekend, a 5-day trip or a week. In addition to the various boarding options and the size of the groups there are several nice routes for cycling and sailing.

Because of my experience in this company, I can tell you a lot about our trips and the ships. If you would like to book a group tour with your colleagues, family, friends, or a sportclub I am at your service. With great pleasure I would like to compose a tailer-made group tour for you.

See you soon on board of our ships!

Annemiek van Viegen

Hello my name is Wim. Since finishing my tourism studies at the Dutch Scientific Institute for Tourism and Recreation in Breda I have always worked in the boat charter business.

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Twice I built my own passenger ship to sail the Dutch waters with guests. An awesome time, however the arrival of two sweet children made me decide to go working ashore. At HAT Tours I found the perfect place!

Of course, given my background, I’m handling all nautical affairs at HAT Tours. But my main activities lie in the financial and accounting field. Furthermore, I am involved in promotion, among other things by writing texts for our brochures and website.

My hobbies are cycling, hiking, reading and gardening. In my vegetable garden I cultivate with great pleasure all kinds of delicious greens and beautiful flowers.
Sometimes I miss the direct contact with the tourist, in that case I just go aboard one of our ships to guide a group of cyclists for a week! It’s great again to realize what kind of unique product we are selling at HAT Tours!

Cycling and sailing in a group with people from “all over the world” is one of the best ways to celebrate your holiday!

Wim Troelstra

How can we help you?

Miranda Grommé

Hello My name is Miranda. I make the reservations for the Cycling Holidays. If you have any questions about these great tours, please contact me:

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Annemiek van Viegen

Hello, I’m Annemiek. If you’d like to charter a barge for your own group, I’ll be glad to help you out and make it tailor-made for you:

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