For more than 30 years Knud Mølby Henriksen from Denmark has been organizing an 8-day art and architecture trip through the Netherlands aboard our sailing hotel ship ‘Tijdgeest’.

Knud Mølby is a visual artist and also worked in education for many years. First as a teacher of art and architecture at the teacher training in the town of Nørre Nissum.
Here he started organizing his first educational school trips to the Netherlands in Summertime.

Later Knud became a guest lecturer at the Senior High School (Seniorhøjskole) in Nørre Nissum as well. The højskole is a unique Danish school type. Here adults follow shorter or longer courses in the field of the humanities. During the courses (sometimes up to 6 months) the students live on the campus. There is a lot of freedom, exams or diplomas do not exist. In this idealistic school type you actually learn to become a more ‘complete person’.
Knud also took these students every year on a study trip to the Netherlands.

Today, after his retirement, Knud’s groups consist of old colleagues, friends, neighbors and friends of friends.

Knud Mølby offers his participants a well-balanced travel program. The most beautiful museums in the Netherlands are visited under his expert guidance. During guided city walks he emphasizes on architecture. He teaches them how to get to know the Dutch by organizing a tasting of Gouda cheese and Dutch jenever.
Every day starts and ends with singing songs together from the good old Højskole Songbook!

For years Knud’s groups stay aboard the attractive hotel barge ‘Tijdgeest’ owned by skipper Gerrit van Terwisga. After all those years these two know exactly what they may expect from eachother, which makes this group travel to a great success every year!

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