Travels For You is your specialist in relaxed cycling holidays in the Netherlands and Europe. Over the past few decades, Travels For You has built a very varied clientele. Many cyclists come from overseas Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For them a week of cycling is usually part […]

For more than 30 years Knud Mølby Henriksen from Denmark has been organizing an 8-day art and architecture trip through the Netherlands aboard our sailing hotel ship ‘Tijdgeest’. Knud Mølby is a visual artist and also worked in education for many years. First as a teacher of art and architecture at the teacher training in […]

Max de Jong (men) and Lisa Scheenaart (women) are the winners of the 5th Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships 2018. The Dutch Headwind Cycling (in Dutch: Tegenwindfietsen) Championships are the Annual Open Dutch Cycling Championships time trial by storm (not regulated by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union). Taking place on the Oosterscheldekering, a storm barrier which […]

In the Spring of 2013 a lady from the USA booked a Tulip Tour by bike & barge at HAT Tours. After this trip she thought: Now this is a great way to visit the Netherlands! No standard bus trip along the highlights, but an active holiday in which you reach those highlights on bike! […]

In France a great initiative has been developed in Paris (and several other French cities): the Vélib Cycle System which exists since July 2007. The system is quite simple and easy to use. There are approximately 20.000 bikes and 1.800 bicycles stations, which are not further apart than 300 meters! All over the city center […]

In the old days when Amsterdam and Rotterdam were still tiny settlements, 9 towns in the eastern part of The Netherlands were already very prosperous, being trading ports of great importance. The cities of Deventer, Zwolle, Kampen, Doesburg, Harderwijk, Elburg, Zutphen, Hattem and Hasselt are located along the river IJssel or the shores of the […]

De Hoge Veluwe National Park is a nature reserve in the Dutch province of Gelderland, founded in 1935. The park covers 5,500 hectares of forest, heathland, grass plains and sand drifts, making it one of the largest nature parks in North-West Europe. Walking or cycling you may discover all of these landscapes! Between 1909 and […]

Travelling by hotel barge The concept of Bike & Barge Holidays in the Netherlands started in the early eighties of the last century. Cycling from city to city along the most beautiful roads while a sailing hotel ship follows you to the next destination. At the development of the tours it is important to consider […]

A good way to get around in a city is on a bike. In the Netherlands in the city center the best way to get from A to B is by bike. In Amsterdam it is amazing to see how many people take the bike to work or study. Therefore it isn’t strange the Dutch […]