Holland is well-known and famous for the intensive use of bicycles. Every person in the Netherlands owns at least one bicycle, but most people own several models, all for different use.

Some decades ago the largest part of workers simply took the bike to go to work. Old pictures show amazing footage of long rows of bikers in the morning on their way to the factories and offices.

However the growing prosperity in the sixties gave people the opportunity to buy their own car. Soon the car became the most important means of transport for commuters. As we all know by now this caused lot of problems: traffic jams, air pollution, time-loss etc.

This is why the Dutch government takes action to stimulate the use of public transport and to get commuters back on their bicycles.
A new ‘fast cycle connection’ of 10 kilometer long between Amsterdam and Zaandam (just north of Amsterdam) has recently been opened. This cycle lane is meant to encourage bicycle use for commuting and should thus contribute to reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

The new bike path is also special because of the advanced ‘dynamic’ lighting system. The lights burn brighter when a bike approaches the lamppost!


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Picture: Bikers on the escalator of the Maas Tunnel, Rotterdam (1959). Picture: @Aart Klein.