Max de Jong (men) and Lisa Scheenaart (women) are the winners of the 5th Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships 2018.
The Dutch Headwind Cycling (in Dutch: Tegenwindfietsen) Championships are the Annual Open Dutch Cycling Championships time trial by storm (not regulated by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union).
Taking place on the Oosterscheldekering, a storm barrier which is part of the famous Delta Works, the Championships are held at the end of the cycling season since 2013.
The championships are announced three days before a severe storm is expected (minimum wind force 7). Competitors ride the 8.5 km course against the wind on upright single-speed (!) Gazelle bikes, which are provided by the organization.
A total of 200 individual cyclists can participate. Since 2014 there is also a team time trial, with a maximum of 25 teams of 4 cyclist in competition.This brings the total number of contestants on 300.

At the 2018 edition, held on Saturday December 8, the weather conditions were ‘excellent’!
The wind speed measured 7 with peaks up to 9!
The fastest man this year was Max de Jong with a time of 18:16 minutes, the women race was won by Lisa Scheenaart who needed 20.28 minutes for the 8,5 kilometers.

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Picture: ©Arie Kievit